Puff Labs | Pink and Blues Salt E-Liquid | 30ML

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Puff Labs Pink and Blues Salt E-Liquid

Dude, this Dark Cookie Carnival is pretty cool. I went there last night and they had all this weird stuff. They had this guy who could shove a cookie through his nose and have it come out on his tongue. They had this acrobat operating with just a giant frosted cookie to break his fall, not sure if he survived when he lost his grip on the bar. They also had the craziest cotton candy there, it looked just like my grandma’s perm. Puff Labs Pink and Blues is a blue raspberry cotton candy flavor that’s so fluffy, it gives memory foam a run for its money. The vapor will gracefully fly right across your flavor muscle on the inhale and come right back out tasting like sweet blue raspberry cotton candy.

Fun Fact: Puff Labs Pink and Blues Salt E-Liquid uses nicotine salts and is very high in nicotine content. It’s only meant to be used in a mouth to lung device or refillable pod style vaporizer. Do not use in a sub-ohm atomizer, or, you will cough… a lot.

Puff Labs Pink and Blues Salt E-Liquid Specs:

Comes In 30ml Bottles

24mg and 48mg Nicotine Options Available

50VG/50PG Blend

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