Cotn | Lump


Cotn Lump

It’s Lump, it’s Lump, it’s in my coils. It’s Lump, it’s Lump, it tastes real good. This Cotn Lump is some really good stuff. Lump has a very fluffy feel and is long like a snake. Lump is pharma grade and has no bleach. It also has a low flavor break-in time.

Cotn Lump Features & Specs:

  • 1 Really Long Cotton Lump Tube Thing
  • Tasty
  • Low Flavor Break-In Time
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Pharmaceutical Grade
  • No Bleach
  • Material: 100% Organic Cotton

Cotn Lump Package Contents:

  • (1) Really Long Cotn Lump In a Bag

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