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These Puff Labs Beanies are too lit to quit. They keep you twerkin’ even in freezing cold conditions. They fit on some pretty big melons too. I seent ‘em! All fun aside, we would really appreciate you being a head billboard for our brand. Grab one, snap a pic, tag us and watch the likes roll in. Instant gratification is my favorite.

Fun Fact: Made to work with most head sizes.

Puff Labs Beanies Features & Specs:

  • Rep Yo Vape Fam
  • Tons Of Color and Style Options
  • Instantly Adds 100 Points To Your Coolness Level After Purchase
  • Look Super Dope In Any Environment
  • Material: Cloth & Things

Puff Labs Beanies Package Contents:

  • (1) Beanie by Puff Labs

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