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Puff Labs | Frappuccino E-Liquid | 60ML

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Puff Labs Frappuccino E-Liquid

Today is really starting out like a Monday. I woke up and banged my little toe into my bed frame, then my breakfast burrito fell on the floor and then I spilled my coffee all over my white shirt. Now I have to go stand in that coffee line or else I will be an absolutely horrible person to be around. I hate this place, it’s filled to the brim with laptop toting hipsters, man buns and other grumpy coffee folk. It takes like 20 minutes to order a drink because the names are so long. Why can’t I just get a coffee that’s coffee flavored? Puff Labs Frappuccino E-Liquid tastes just like your favorite arms length named coffee drink. The inhale will be a fancy coffee treat and so will the exhale. The best part about vaping this stuff is the absence of laptop toting hipsters. If you are one of those people, apologies in advance.

Puff Labs Frappuccino E-Liquid Specs:

Comes In 60ml Bottles

0mg, 3mg and 6mg Nicotine Options Available

80VG/20PG Blend