Puff Labs | Watermelon E-Liquid | 60ML

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Puff Labs Watermelon E-Liquid

Down in the South, there’s only a few things you can do, sweat your buns off in the summer heat, get a big truck with some mud tires or eat watermelon. If you want, you can sweat and eat watermelon at the same time. Not my favorite experience to date. I do enjoy watermeloning on a Sunday afternoon though, it’s tranquil and full of juice. Puff Labs Watermelon E-Liquid will satisfy even the strongest fresh cut watermelon lusts. It’s full of sweet little watermelon crystals that just burst all over your tongue muscle. The inhale is like all, “Hey! I’m watermelon.” The exhale will be all, “Peace Out! I’m still watermelon…”

Puff Labs Watermelon E-Liquid Specs:

Comes In 60ml Bottles

0mg, 3mg and 6mg Nicotine Options Available

80VG/20PG Blend

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